Refractive Laser Surgery

What is Refractive Laser Surgery?

Refractive laser surgery eliminates or reduces the need for glasses by altering the shape of the cornea, thus changing the way the eye focuses light. These procedures are performed in only a few minutes using anesthetic eye drops.

LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is a laser vision correction procedure used to correct Refractive Errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism using the Excimer laser. This laser procedure was developed in South America, where Dr. George Khouri learned it from one of the world’s first — and most experienced – practitioners in 1996 before it was approved for use in the USA. LASIK was developed and first performed outside the USA in the early 1990s, primarily because it was not subject to our strict FDA regulations. LASIK was FDA approved in 1998. There have been no long term problems reported with LASIK since then. Most experts in the field are confident that the cornea will remain stable permanently, as long as patients are appropriately selected and the safe limit of tissue removal by the laser is not exceeded during the surgery in the case of high refractive errors. The skill and experience of the surgeon are also key factors.

Dr Khouri has performed the LASIK procedure on several of his peers in the community making him “the doctors’ doctor” and the premier West Palm Beach LASIK Surgeon. Dr. Khouri had the LASIK procedure performed on his own eyes. He strongly believes that LASIK is an excellent procedure yielding long lasting results.

The success of the visual results following laser vision correction not only depends on excellent surgical skills but also on very accurate preoperative measurements of the refractive error and other corneal parameters to be programmed into the laser computer. Dr. Khouri personally takes and/or oversees all of these preoperative measurements and follows you closely preoperatively and postoperatively in contrast to some other practices that rely solely on their technicians for these tasks. When you choose a highly skilled surgeon, complications from any of these procedures are very rare. Actually, there is a lower risk of visual loss from LASIK than from long-term use of extended wear contact lenses. The reason is that the latter increases the risk of an infection such as a corneal ulcer which could lead to severe visual loss.


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